Ten Great First-time Jeep Wrangler Mods For Any New Owner

April 03, 2021 9 min read

Some mods are best left for the experts, but that doesn't mean you can't kick things off with some of the best modifications. If you're new to the Jeep lifestyle, it's likely that your first vehicle is a Jeep Wrangler. To help you get started, we've put together ten of our favorite modifications for a new owner. Enjoy!

When you buy a Jeep, it can be a daunting task to update the parts. Obviously, you need to replace some components, but thankfully there are common parts that are easy to fix! That's why we've highlighted some parts you should get for your Jeep, and it might make for some easy repairs in the future.


For the new Jeep owner, it implies you most likely don't recognize exactly how underpowered those dim, weak manufacturing facility lights are until you have a look at aftermarket LED lighting.

LEDs, or Light Emitting Diodes, are currently one of the hottest modifications about merely since their light output at both reduced and high light beam is almost double the manufacturing facility headlight outcome. Yet, regardless of this powerful light, the amp draw is less than half what factory lights need.

More power, much less amp draw. And also thanks to all kinds of innovation improvements over the past couple of years, even more affordability. So it's not surprising that LED lights have actually leapt to the front of the line over various other wonderful choices like HID and also Xenon.

Now, within the range of LED upgrades, there are essentially two sorts of headlights - reflector style and projector style real estates. Both are excellent options and also the distinction in between both styles is just how they tackle predicting the light in the future as well as the output pattern of light you see on the road surface.

Reflector Style LED Headlights look similar to the factory light, with a clear lens and fluted reflector at the rear of the housing. The LED's are placed in the center of the real estate and also bounce light off the reflector. These lights are usually divided into a top as well as reduced half, for reduced and high light beam respectively.

By placing the LED behind a lens and also cut-off shield, the light is more focused and also the cut-off pattern of the light is much sharper than reflector style LEDs. Projector design headlights likewise make use of different LED and also projector lenses for high as well as reduced light beams, with some even featuring added lenses for outer lighting to truly light the road ahead.

Obviously, with the additional lenses, the expense of projector design lights is typically somewhat more than a reflector style LED. Both deal fantastic benefits over the supply manufacturing facility Jeep lights, so actually it simply comes down to personal preference in style, appearance, as well as just how much cash you're prepared to shell out.


New Jeep seats are excellent. Utilized seats, maybe not so much. However there is one thing they each share - the requirement to be secured. See, your Jeep isn't like a typical automobile. There won't constantly be a roofing system over your head to protect those seats since you know you'll take that round off on a nice day. That's simply what you perform with a Jeep. As well as when you do, it will subject those seats to the aspects like sun, wind, and (potentially) rain. All stuff that does not play well with seat product.

Getting safety seat covers made of points like neoprene, polyester, or nylon can go a lengthy means to boosting the life-span of your Jeep's seats, while also offering you a chance to tailor the lorry's look. Several covers have numerous various color options so you can match up to your Jeep's color, an indoor style, or whatever else you have going on with the lorry.


Whether your future strategies consist of off-roading, or just pavement driving, it is constantly a great concept as a brand-new Jeep proprietor to update the healing ability of your vehicle. And this does not indicate springing for the newest huge hydraulic winch with a hi-tech Synthetic line.

" Things like tow or recuperation bands, handwear covers; a number of D-rings," he claims. "Then getting to know the vehicle, learning just how the systems job and exactly how the Jeep reacts. Knowledge, understanding, and also the capacity to make clever choices is among the very best things you can do."

A lot of the 'Essential' recuperation products helpful for brand-new Jeepers are included in many winch device sets-- points like gloves, d-rings, or healing straps which are created to extend when utilized, offering kinetic energy to pull a lorry from obstructions like sand, mud, or snow. Various other good products to have would be bumper tow hooks (most new Jeeps ought to have, yet yours may not), a First Aid package, fire extinguisher, and also a heavy-duty jack like Hi-Lift.


Possibilities are you've formerly owned a vehicle that had some type of manage above the guest side and back doors. You understand the ones. The important things you held with a passion when the turn obtained a little also sharp or ride a little bit bumpy. In a Jeep, with its roll cage between you as well as the top, well, that kind of top-mounted manage truly isn't really feasible.

A Jeep's roll cage really uses a better-type deal with option-- and so can the car's front A-pillars. With a Jeep, that needs a top-mounted grab handle when you can safely connect what you need to the roll cage or on the pillar. By doing this, not only can you grab the deal with when required, you can also utilize it for entering and out of the car.


It's no key that freight room and also safety inside a Jeep is quite restricted-- as you've most likely discovered out. If you sporting activity a soft top, or even simply plan to take the hardtop off for a few months, safely safeguarding that freight can obtain uneasy.

For interior cargo options, numerous new Jeep owners that need that safety can look to solid 16-gauge steel lockable gaming consoles either in between the front seats, under-seat, overhanging, or even at the back freight area.

Other freight storage choices do a wonderful task enhancing your Jeep's readily available area by including storage space bags or packs to places such as the tailgate, roll cage, seats, or soundbar.

If you get on the go pretty much at all times, dashboard coordinators can aid arrange with the mess.


One of one of the most very trafficked locations on your Jeep has absolutely nothing in position to shield the paint versus scuffs as well as scrapes. Your gas storage tank and also transfer situation have skid plates to safeguard them, right, but the door frame? Absolutely nothing.

Well, you don't require a skid plate for your lower door location, simply some low-tech as well as budget-friendly door entrance guards. Entrance guards mount quickly with many brands utilizing 3M sticky to attach while utilizing thermoplastic, light weight aluminum, or stainless steel material to safeguard the frame. Whether you plan on simply everyday driving or venturing off-pavement, Jeep entrance guards ought to certainly discover their method on your strike list for a very easy as well as affordable alteration.


Let's face it-- if you have driven your brand-new JK Wrangler at anything faster than strolling rate, you've probably noticed an alarming quantity of hood activity. Translate that to highway driving, and you might seem like your hood will detach at any 2nd. The reason behind this is just that the manufacturing facility locks make use of a soft, elastic rubber that isn't able to maintain the hood securely in position at higher rates.

While the odds of your hood in fact flying off due to lock failure is rather remote, it certainly can be a distressing and also aggravating distraction while driving. This is where aftermarket latches, like the prominent Daystar Hood Wranglers, beam. Supplying a couple of different 'beefier' ways to customize exactly how your hood attaches, these latch choices make use of stronger products to ensure that your hood stays in area throughout all driving problems.

Some lock choices also offer securing protection, supplying you added satisfaction if you ever add various other aftermarket products inside your hood (such as aftermarket batteries or air induction systems). And also these lockable latches are readily available for older TJ (97-06) Wranglers should you have one that is 'new to you'.


On one hand, soft tops have an important part in Jeep history. Part of its DNA, if you will. The capacity to pull that top-down on great days, or zip out windows creates a trip unlike practically anything else on the marketplace.

On the other hand, hardtops went along and definitely give even more toughness, safety and security, and an effectively quieter trip than soft tops - yet all at the expense of that 'Jeep outdoors' feel.

These days, soft tops come in all shapes and sizes from full-blown substitute tops with all mounting hardware consisted of, to preferred brand-new frameless soft tops, to straightforward-- yet efficient-- bikini tops that you can set up after (very carefully) eliminating your hardtop.

Also if your Jeep did not come with a hardtop, you still might require to upgrade the top on your 'new to you' Jeep.

Soft tops usually have about a 3-5 year lifespan and, while factory soft tops have gotten better as well as better throughout the years, they can ultimately extend as well as no longer fit into the Jeep's grooves, or start to have stitching issues. Occasionally the home windows can come across zipper problems and need substitute. Luckily, all of these points are economically changeable; whether with a full canvas-only top, or just going the piece by piece road.

Whether just for usefulness, or the wish to experience thrilling outdoors driving, upgrading as well as changing your vehicle with a soft top is an ideal solution for the first-time Jeep owner looking to enjoy their vehicle the means its owners meant.


Why bumpers, you may ask. Does not my Jeep currently have front as well as back bumpers? Well, yes it does. Those plastic factory bumpers are around as useful throughout an accident as a container of gas in a fire. For just about any person, much heavier duty front and rear bumpers are one of the first adjustments made. Not only for off-road use however, for day-to-day security.

Aftermarket rear bumpers also are readily available in a number of different styles, and for the majority of newbie Jeep owners ones having a solid tubular style, or unabridged strong 'rock' or 'extremely task' design, as well as even a modular type can absolutely do the trick without squashing the wallet. For those that intend on including larger tires later on, some rear bumpers also will add a tire provider part.


As you are possibly discovering, many people consider their Jeep's inside as a 2nd house. As well as an excellent means to conveniently maintain that 2nd home 'mess cost-free', especially in this on-the-go age, is a collection of flooring liners. Made to fit over the factory or aftermarket carpet, floor liners are that glove that shields your interior from nearly anything you drag into the Jeep - water, mud, snow, gum tissue, oil, whatever.

Now, there are a couple of various types of liners out there such as:
Carpeted floor coverings that are stain-resistant as well as help defend against the everyday deterioration your Jeep interior will see.
Rubberized slush floor coverings that have a grooved body to assist catch moisture like mud or snow.
All-weather sturdy liners that use a lipped outer edge and either a shaped thermoplastic, or stain-resistant carpeted base to form a protective barrier - all while staying very easy to clean.
Route hard shaped polyethylene linings which have a deep 'tire kind' tread pattern as well as raised side to entirely safeguard from everything like mud to oil, while likewise continuing to be straightforward to tidy.
Most linings also come in front, back, and cargo styles so can obtain the protection you need throughout your Jeep.

Getting protective seat covers made of points like neoprene, polyester, or nylon can go a lengthy way to improving the life expectancy of your Jeep's seats, while likewise providing you a chance to customize the automobile's appearance. In a Jeep, with its roll cage between you and the top, well, that kind of top-mounted handle truly isn't extremely practical.

On one hand, soft tops have an indispensable part in Jeep history. Soft tops normally have regarding a 3-5 year life expectancy as well as, while manufacturing facility soft tops have obtained much better and also far better over the years, they can at some point stretch out as well as no longer fit right into the Jeep's grooves, or start to have sewing concerns. Developed to fit over the factory or aftermarket rug, floor liners are that glove that safeguards your interior from simply regarding anything you drag right into the Jeep - water, mud, snow, gum, grease, whatever.


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