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LED headlights are a major trend in the automotive industry, and for good reason. The improved lighting, performance, and luxurious appearance have helped them become more popular. What are some advantages of LED headlights? As it turns out, there are many. This article will reveal some of the advantages of LED headlights.

jeep led headlights replacement


LED headlights are still new to the automotive industry, but they're perfect for a future-centric trend. Efficiency is key in every new model release, and you'll find LED headlights help with that mission. The technology doesn't need much power to function, which makes it a great choice for manufacturers.
The alternator doesn't need to work as hard to power LED headlights, which means it does less work overall.

Halogen light bulbs are wasteful, inefficient, and produce excessive heat. LED headlights are more efficient, using less energy to produce more light. LED headlights also convert a higher percentage of power to light than halogen lights - up to 80% versus halogen's 20%, respectively.


Maintenance of your headlights won’t be as often as you think. LED headlights have a lifespan that is 15,000 hours long, whereas halogen headlights only last for 1,000 hours on average. That means that LED headlights will last 11-22 years before needing to be replaced.

As solid-state lighting, LEDs don’t rely on moving parts to produce their light. They are a single unit or diode that converts electricity into light. This creates multiple points of failure and more opportunities for something to stop working with older technologies such as halogen bulbs. Users can expect the lifespan of an LED to be much longer because of this innovation.

These headlight bulbs are manufactured to the highest standards and are therefore able to create the best light for automotive use. LED headlights, when compared to halogen or HID headlights, have a lower failure rate.

Improved Safety

The safety benefits of LEDs are monumental. Not only will they produce more light than any other technology, but they'll reach wider and farther than anything else on the market. You'll have more time to react to dangerous situations and avoid hazards, making you a safer driver.


If your car didn’t come with LED headlights, you can buy a headlight kit to convert them. The advantage is that this eliminates the need to use ballasts or change the car’s electrical system. There are LED headlight kits that are “plug and play,” so it can be done without any modification to the car. While many people believe that this headlight bulb is too difficult for them to install themselves, it may not be so. Depending on your own DIY skills, you may not need help from a mechanic. This means that, if you are feeling brave or have the time, you can try installing this headlight replacement by yourself.

Installing aftermarket LED headlight kits is as easy as 1-2-3:
1. Open your hood and access the back of your headlight assembly
2. Unplug, unscrew, and remove stock halogen bulbs
3. Install new LED headlights by screwing the LED bulbs in and plugging them into your factory harness

The reason you need LED headlights

LED headlights are an important safety feature that should be in every car. They are bright and help to guide the way in dark areas. LED headlights give you a better look at the road ahead and make driving during inclement weather conditions easier.

But it also provides many other benefits, as discussed above. If you're interested in learning more about Jeep headlights or regular vehicle lighting, contact Topkit Offroad.


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